The Meeting

The 4th EAU Section of Urological Imaging (ESUI) meeting will be held the 12th November 2015 in Barcelona in conjunction with the 7th EMUC meeting (European Multidisciplinary Meeting on Urological Cancers).

The meeting’s slogan is “Imaging and Individualised Medicine”. This slogan highlights the increasing role that imaging plays in Urology as well as its increasing influence on the management of urological pathologies. Based on the latest developments in Ultrasound, MRI, CT and PET/CT more detailed information about urological diseases is gained. This leads to more focused and individualized treatments as well as it opens new disease categories such as i.e. the oligo metastatic disease.

The meeting will especially address these topics in detail and critically assess the current benefit as well as limitations associated to such image guided approaches. Moreover, the meeting will provide detailed clinical knowledge about how to apply and use these techniques. This will close the gap between preliminary experiences in selected centers and the early and broad application of these techniques in daily clinical practice.

The ESUI meeting is in conjunction with the 7th EMUC meeting which represents a unique opportunity to gather also experts for other specialties such as radiology, nuclear medicine, and medical oncology in this meeting. Taken together, the 4th ESUI meeting is the ideal platform to get updated on the latest developments in urological imaging in 2015.